How Warehouses Benefit from Private Security Services

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According to one recent study, warehouse and cargo theft costs the United States economy between $15 and $30 billion dollars every single year. It’s an issue that impacts nearly all industries, with an average loss value of about $254,800 per incident.
In the retail industry, for example, inventory shrink alone costs businesses a combined $46.8 billion according to one recent NRF Survey. The most significant cause of these losses is external, amounting to about 36.5% of all incidents. While this does outpace issues like employee theft and vendor fraud, those are also sources of frustration for many businesses that cannot be overlooked.
That, in essence, is why private security services for warehouses and similar environments are so important. Not only do they help address issues associated with theft and other losses, but they also bring with them a wide range of different benefits that most businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Crime Prevention Begins Here

Perhaps the biggest benefit that private security services for warehouses bring with them has to do with how adept they are at preventing crime across the board.
Armed private security services, for example, will have training into the precise type of environment you’re operating. Every building will have its own unique weak spots and other vulnerabilities and these security professionals will be trained to both identify them and mitigate risk from them as much as possible.
Not only that, but a high quality private security services partner will make sure that those guards stay up-to-date with their training, updating their education on a regular basis throughout the year. This makes sure they’re always current on all of the best practices including things like conflict de-escalation, resolution, crime prevent and more.
So they won’t simply be sitting in an office somewhere watching surveillance monitors, passively waiting for something to happen so they can address it. They’ll use all their skills and their experience to come up with a crime prevention plan that is built with your warehouse in mind. They’ll tailor their foot patrols and other techniques to your precise environment, dramatically reducing the chances that crime takes place at all.

Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Business

By far, one of the most important benefits that private security services bring with them for warehouses has to do with how they help protect what may be your most critical asset of all: your employees.
As a business owner, one of your primary jobs involves creating the safest possible environment for workers. If they don’t feel safe, they won’t be invested in their tasks. Unfortunately, not only does this lower morale and potentially harm productivity, but it actually does increase the chances that someone may decide to steal from you as well.
Private security services teams like ours can not only monitor surveillance cameras, but they can also be proactive about staying on the lookout for suspicious behaviors or anything that may indicate a dangerous event is imminent.
By performing constant checks to make sure that both the interior and exterior of your warehouse are secure, it creates a more welcoming environment for employees – which in turn makes them far more invested in their jobs, too.

A Flexible Array of Services

It’s also important to note that hiring private security services for your warehouse doesn’t simply mean that you’ll have several armed guards walking around indefinitely. Yes, this is a common offering with many of these companies – but they also provide a bevy of flexible and unique additional services too.
Unarmed security guards, for example, can still respond to emergencies and notify the proper authorities should anything occur. They can be responsible for locking and unlocking doors and gates and simply ensuring that your facilities are secure. In addition, they can enforce parking rules, conduct random foot patrols, conduct security sweeps to help spot intruders, and more.
Mobile patrols are another common staple of private security services for warehouses. Here, security officers will patrol the exterior of your warehouse in a visibly marked car as often as you’d like. Of course, they can still enforce things like parking rules, but adding this level of legitimacy to your security also goes a long way towards deterring potential criminals.
Even if you’re only looking for something as straightforward as security alarm response, private security services will have you covered. Whenever an alarm goes off, an officer will be dispatched to your site immediately to confirm what type of event has occurred. At that point, they will quickly contact the proper authorities. Typically, security alarm response services can monitor your warehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
More often than not, your private security partner will work with you to better understand which of these services can adequately meet your needs moving forward. They’ll help develop a protection plan that plays directly to your specific needs, not someone else’s, which is where true protection begins to take hold.

A Holistic Approach to Security

All told, private security services offer a more robust array of protection than most warehouses, and similar businesses can handle independently. Moreover, by being trained not just in general security but in handling threats and other issues that warehouses themselves are likely to face, it creates a far more robust security posture to help keep your employees, your inventory, and other assets safe from harm.
Case in point: many private security services offer GPS tracking capabilities, all so that you can rest easy knowing that your mobile security patrols are actually checking the areas that are important to you regularly. They can even use these GPS trackers to note areas of high interest or activity on a map. At that point, they’ll know to check these specific areas often – all in addition to making their patrols on their regular routes.
This is a perfect way to increase the protection of an area with particularly high-value inventory or simply a part of the building that you’re very concerned with that you fear may otherwise go overlooked.
In the end, even if you’re not necessarily concerned with inventory shrink or theft, private security services still bring a host of unique advantages to your warehouse. Not only do they help protect your employees, but they also create the safest possible environment for everyone involved.
As a business owner, you may have an instinct to try to handle as many of your normal operations yourself – with security being high on that list. Private security services for warehouses offer a better level of protection that you’d be capable of achieving on your own. They also offer what is perhaps the most important benefit of all: an opportunity to stop worrying so much about security so that you can devote all of your time and attention to your business, where it belongs.
If you’d like to find out more information about the many different ways in which warehouses can benefit from private security services, or if you’d like to get answers to any other important questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact DMAC Security today.

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