Physical Security Measures for Banks Today

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Are Banks Still Prime Targets?
Although many financial crimes occur online these days, banks are still prime targets for criminals looking to gather information for further cybercrime or commit a bank robbery on site. Therefore physical security measures for banks and credit unions are still needed as they remain the number one targets for theft. Below we outline how banks can further secure their physical space.

Security Specialists on the Ground

Any bank’s first line of defense is the security specialist at the door carefully monitoring each person entering and leaving the bank. This simple surveillance technique can avoid and most importantly deter a crime from being committed.

Strategically Placed Security

Having additional security specialists within the bank helps add another layer of security to keep an eye on suspicious customers and anything that may seem out of the ordinary. While less customers are going into physical banks nowadays, the reduced number of personnel make banks an attractive target to those looking to commit a crime. In these cases, security specialists should be strategically placed around the bank to view all angles and areas of the lobby to protect staff and customers.

Bank Employee Training

Teller security training is another vital factor. Each bank employee should know what to look for and how to respond to any type of attack or threat. Passwords or keys to the vault and other secure areas should only be in the hands of upper management.

Secure Equipment

Bank terminals should never be left logged on as someone could easily walk over and view the data on-screen. Keys to money drawers should always be kept on the teller or secured in a locked cabinet.

Video Surveillance

A vital security feature that must be in place are cameras around the lobby, the ATM machine, and vault areas. A security specialist should be monitoring these cameras throughout the workday. Additionally, all the footage should be backed up in the event an incident does occur, authorities will have visual proof and evidence to work from.

Social Engineering Awareness

Social engineering is one way bank robbers gain access to secure areas, pretending to be someone of authority or a confused customer. Therefore, all employees must be trained on how to spot these scams, deal with social engineering tactics and respond appropriately.

Access Control and Biometrics

A critical aspect of bank security is access control and biometrics. Banks should implement systems requiring fingerprints or facial recognition before allowing access to secure areas.
Even in the tech age, banks cannot be too careful when selecting security to protect their customers and premises. DMAC offers top-notch full-training security personnel. Our qualified specialist are flexible, critical thinkers who remain calm in the face of a crisis. Call today to find out more about our services and the high level of security we can offer your bank.

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